In Garrard County Food Pantry fire

 LANCASTER (Ky.) Lancaster (Ky.) Garrard County officials say that a woman has been taken into custody after an incident at the Garrard Country Food Pantry the morning of Sunday.

 Garrard County Emergency Management tells that the building appears to be in total disrepair.

 Debra Smalling (60), was taken into custody at her Lancaster home on Sunday night. Police Chief Rodney Kidd says  marco pizza bodhi fitness tf supplements spark yoga yoga tune up balls duck walk exercise cooking oil filter pizza express personal trainer clean check miniature cooking marcy foldable exercise bike exercise physiologist jobs she was identified through surveillance video obtained from the location. Smalling is charged with second-degree arson as well as first-degree criminal mischief.

 “Our community is in trouble. We have lost a vital place that many people rely on. Lancaster City Fire and Rescue posted a Facebook message asking for help in keeping Gregory Scott Cash and Angie Cash safe and all those who depend on the food pantry.

 Gregory Cash has been providing food to the  isokinetic exercise yoga strap yoga shoes growth supplements kazuichi soda rituales craigslist nh gravity fitness believe supplements yoga butt mini exercise bike cat yoga yoga in the hood see through yoga windmill exercise Garrard County community for 14 years. Everything he worked hard to achieve was destroyed by one fire. The majority of people would take all this and decide to give up, but Cash says it was just one of those hiccups.

 “I do not know where we’ll be going, but we’ll reach it from the back of our trailer and truck. We’ll be fine until we construct something. Cash said that we’re not planning to stop.

 Cash received a message at 10:10 in the morning on Sunday indicating that the fire was started by someone near the food pantry building.

 “Lancaster Fire Department arrived very quickly. They did their best however both women and men were hard-working.

 The entire building as well as all food and supplies inside were declared to be a total loss. This includes 200 Thanksgiving turkeys that were delivered on the Saturday.

 We provide more than 1 million pounds worth  around the world exercise cooking merit badge pamphlet cooking merit badge workbook craigslist chico ruby tuesday menu mommy and me yoga leggings vs yoga pants schiffert health center health rising susans health gourmet of food each year. We provide food to around 800 families and 400 seniors every month. It’s not yet it’s not clear what really happened.”

 Lancaster Police claims that the fire was intentionally started. This is even more difficult to understand. The chief Rodney Kidd said 60-year-old Debra Smalling was taken into custody and charged with 2nd Degree Arson. Police said surveillance footage shows that she was in the food pantry when she was arrested at the time of the fire.

 According to the citation for arrest Smalling can be seen in the video looking through piles of paper and cardboard at the food pantry’s side.

 Court documents show that she confessed to throwing a smoking cigarette into the pile.

 Even in the most challenging times humanity shines through.

 “They didn’t quit. Just look around at all my friends, volunteers, rodney and his crew. It’s Sunday, it’s their day off.” Cash said.

 Cash isn’t certain where they’ll go , or how they’ll come back But with his friends and faith, he is sure that they will not stop.

 “It’s only a minor hiccup but God’s got us.”

 The Garrard County Food Pantry Facebook page, you’ll find information about how to give a donation.

 The EMA director stated that there was no one timedoc health fire hydrants exercise rep fitness sandbag 24 hour pharmacy carmel health and living cherry hill health and raquet club bigger booty lifetime fitness franklin crotchless yoga pants give yoga bungee exercise inside the building at the time of the fire, and there weren’t any injuries.

 Smalling is currently being held at the Jessamine County Detention Center.